Schedule of yoga classes. You may choose a class according to your experience, duration or level of the class. Beginners are advised to start with Vinyasa yoga – 1 or intro to Ashtanga yoga classes.







* Prior registration is required by email or by phone +370 614 01433 (Inga)
* Registration to morning classes is required a day in advance until 8 PM. Morning Ashtanga Mysore classes are not held on Moondays and if less than 3 practitioners have registered.

Description of yoga classes in the schedule:

These are 1-hour yoga classes for those who have never practiced Ashtanga yoga before. These small groups will give you knowledge of the basics of Ashtanga yoga practice. During the intro you will get acquainted with the techniques of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, learn the series of “Sun Salutations” and performing standing and sitting postures. You will be able to join other classes easily after these classes.

A short Ashtanga Yoga class for beginner students and advanced students, when you have only one hour for your practice or would like a lighter version of Ashtanga Yoga practice. Duration: 50 minutes.

Ashtanga Yoga primary series till Navasana (half primary series) and the closing sequence. Advanced and strong beginner students are welcome to this class. Duration: 1 hr 15 min.

Individual yoga practice in a group setting with supervision and adjustments from the teacher. Attendants should have the basic knowledge of Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series of asanas or part of it. The duration of the practice is individual within the allocated timeframe.

A lighter Vinyasa yoga practice. Sun salutations, standing postures, seated postures and some closing postures. Practice is suitable for beginners. Duration: 60 minutes.

More focus is made on hip opening, working on your strength and endurance, stretching of particular parts of the body. Duration: 60 minutes.

A yogic sleep session aiming at total relaxation and achieving a deep meditative state. Yoga Nidra is a practice of an internal journey to recover the peace, harmony and clarity within you. It is a powerful restorative practice of deep relaxation. It is a physical, mental and emotional relaxation that allows you to reveal your creative layers, improve intuition and better understand yourself. No previous yoga experience is required. Yoga Nidra only takes place when published (follow the News). Registration is required: